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Mountainville Meditation


Mountainville Meditation

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Health and Wellness are concepts that are not simply limited to diet and exercise alone. Current studies are now exposing the tremendous emotional, mental and physical benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Mind, Body and Spirit are inextricably linked, as one will always affect the other. Yoga means Union. True Yoga is the union of all three.

Living my purpose or Dharma IS my passion: reacquainting you with who you truly are, your vital essence! The Center offers meaningful Yoga practice and sound meditation techniques to facilitate you on your journey. Quality workshops and discussions are an invaluable key component, by consciously bringing awareness to your practice.

We are Spiritual Beings with the mind, our most precious gift and the body, its most valuable vehicle. As the mind charts a course with honest integrity, truth and discernment we can begin to navigate our lives with less effort and more flow, truly enjoying the unique opportunities to experience life here upon Mother Earth.

The Center is also proud to offer strength classes such as Barre! But if it’s healing or detox you seek, you may consider methods such as Energy Healing, Thai Vedic Massage with Energy Healing, or Hot Stone Massage or perhaps with a little LED Red Light Therapy or even sinking into a simple Copper tub soak.

The Center is a place for the nourishment of your soul, the enrichment of your mind, and vitality of the body, leading to the optimal expression of who you are! Beautiful!



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