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Tara Jones

A local resident of Tewksbury for nearly 25 years, Tara has worked in the Fitness Industry teaching Yoga and a variety of fitness classes through Medifit Corporate Fitness Centers and other local gyms, studios and health care facilities. She received degrees in Journalism and Sociology from Rutgers University and continued her studies at Centenary College to complete her teaching certificate in High School Biology and Middle School Science. She has over 750 hours experience which includes Hatha, (School of Complete Yoga, Chester NJ) Vinyasa Flow (Jochi Institute of Yoga, NY, NY) Prenatal Yoga (Integral Yoga, NY, NY ) and Thai Vedic Massage experience through Mukti of (Vedic Conservatory, Delray, FL) She also received her Meditation Teaching Certification through Roger Gabriel and Deepak Chopra of the Chopra Center. A natural gift for healing lead Tara to also receive her Reiki Master Training through (Reiki North East, Rutherford, NJ).

Tara’s passion continues through her interest in Spirituality, Metaphysics & the human condition and leads her understandings deeper, both intuitively and through avid study and research. She hopes to spread this healing knowledge to others through her practice and through workshops of awakening at the Center.

Doreen Puglisi, MS

Doreen Puglisi is a former college professor and renowned international presenter. With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, 20 years as a business owner, academic educator, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, she provides a unique perspective on both theory and practice.

Doreen has trained clients from professional athletes to those recovering from injuries as well as cancer patients. In addition to being the Fitness Director at a N.J. based World Gym and an elite NYC fitness facility, Doreen has owned two Personal Training/Pilates studios. She has presented her research findings on flexibility and golf to The World Scientific Congress of Golf in St. Andrews, Scotland. This lead to the creation and launch of The Power Golf Fitness Conditioning Program.

Doreen is the Founder and Executive Director of The Pink Ribbon Program; a successful therapeutic exercise program for breast cancer patients. The Pink Ribbon Program is a global company that has educated over 1000 instructors worldwide. She has been published in numerous national health and fitness journals and magazines (Club Industry, Fitness Management Magazine, Pilates Style, Women’s Health and Fitness, Fitness Expert, Fitness RX Magazine, Golf Science International).